Policies for The Sweetheart Cabin at Abbey-Inn & Suites in Nashville, Indiana

Please Read All Policies Below Before Making a Reservation

You MUST AGREE TO ALL POLICIES during the booking process.

Check In no earlier than 4:00 p.m. ~ Check Out no later than 11:00 a.m.

Room rates & Suite rates are by the season.
All reservations require a NON-REFUNDABLE $25.00 processing fee.
At or before check in Abbey Management will place a minimum
$200.00 damage HOLD* on the credit card on file.

Changes to a reservation may result in additional charges.

Romantic Brown County Indiana Hot Tub Suites

You must include your CORRECT e-mail address for confirmation of online reservations.
If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours,
or you made a mistake (wrong date) in your online reservation,
please e-mail: info@abbey-inn.com

Any changes made to your reservation later (change date/room) may result in additional fees to your credit card.
Any changes to your reservation MUST be requested via email
by the Guest making the original reservation and authorize any additional charges.
Please, always "respond" to your original email confirmation
to request changes and/or to cancel your reservation.
This helps prevent fraud.

Any credit card disputes must be reported promptly.
Chargebacks** may result in additional charges and/or legal action.

Brown County Indiana Getaway Hot Tub Suites

Welcome to The Sweetheart Cabin, located in beautiful Brown County Indiana

We hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Let us know if we can assist you in any way.
Please be aware that this is not a five star chain hotel. We do NOT have staff 24/7.

Check-In - Between 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Th, F, S, S
all Other times/days by arrangement.

All guests checking in at "other" times should make arrangements via email by responding to your original confirmation email or your reminder email.
A damage hold will be placed on the credit card on file before your arrival. If your card on file does not allow this hold this guests will need to provide additional card, cash or personal check for the damage hold.
Please advise us if your arrival will be after 7 p.m. Quite hours begin at 10 p.m.

Please check the temperature of your tub upon arrival.
If you encounter any problem with your cabin, tub or room, please notify housekeeping IMMEDIETELY.
During staffed office hours please page staff to the office.
From 9am - 10pm send a TEXT message to 812.287.8535 that includes name, location, room number.
Between 9am and 10pm Call 812.988.2397 and leave a voicemail message that includes name, location, room number.
(We cannot resolve the problem after you return home).

We encourage all guests to arrive during staffed check in hours so any problems can be dealt with promptly.

Abbey Inn reserves the right to substitute similar accomodations upon unavailability of your room choice as Hot Tubs are occasionally subject to temporary closure. If a room has special meaning to you (he proposed to me in this room) please make staff aware that you would prefer a change of date to a change of room assignment. This should be done via email after receiving your email confirmation.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us. However, occasionally things do go wrong. TV's, hot tubs, kitchenettes and other special amenities occasionally experience mechanical problems. No refunds shall be given with regards to special amenities.

Complaints regarding accommodations must be submitted in writing prior to checkout for consideration by the Manager.

Guests agree that if guests find any problems with our accommodations and fail to provide us the opportunity to address those problems while the guest is with us, and/or refuses our exclusive remedy, but then disparages us in any public manner, we will then be entitled to charge their credit card an additional $350 damage. Should guest refuse to retract any such public statements legal action may be pursued.

Guests agree that they are healthy and fit and capable of navigating steps, stairs and hot tubs without assistance and have NO allergies/conditions that would prohibit them staying at Abbey Inn & Suites in Brown County Indiana. (No refunds shall be issued should guests choose to leave for said reasons).

Check-Out - By 11:00 a.m. Please leave your key in keybox in the Fireplace room lobby.

All Guests must provide a valid CREDIT card. In addition to payment for the room or cabin, we will place a hold (not a charge) on the card before your stay to ensure that it is a valid/working card for any incidentals or damages. Should the card on file not accept said hold, guest will supply a working credit card before check in. This hold will be released by the bank 7-10 days after check-out, provided that there are no damages to the room. If there are any damages found, then Abbey Management reserves the right to extract this fee from the card on file. Do not use a debit card. Any bank fees that result because guest uses a debit card are the responsibility of the guest. Charges* to Guest's card may include, but are not limited to: damages over and above normal wear and tear, stained linens, theft, excessive cleanup and/or trash, unreturned keys, complaints from other guests, unauthorized late check-outs and evidence of pets or smoking in room or cabin.

All rooms and suites are to be occupied by no more than 2 adults and no one under the age of 18. Exceeding the stated occupancy constitutes a breach in your agreement and will be cause for immediate termination of your stay without a refund. Additional per guest charges may be added to the credit card on file.

All guests who wish to pay cash for their reservation must also provide a valid CREDIT card to hold for damages.

PETs - Sorry NO pets at Abbey-Inn...but...
This cabin welcomes one small dog!
(A pet damage deposit of $100 is required. Your dog MUST be crated when left alone at cabin.)

KIDs - are welcome at our family friendly cabin.
No kids under 18 at Abbey Inn & Suites.

Bedrooms - basic rate is for two guests using one bedroom.
$50 charge for each extra bedroom.
Please reserve extra bedrooms when you book.

Towels - We try to supply enough towels for your stay...
Then we give you plenty of privacy.
For environmental reasons we ask you to use only what you need while visiting Brown County.
Please treat our linens with repect. Stained linens WILL result in damage charges to your credit card.
Make up, blood, wine, coffee, body lotions and other things can damage linens.
No maid service in our cabins.

Food -
We guarantee food left around the room will result in Brown County critters.
Please, take care not to stain towels and bed linens. Coffee/wine AND hair/body products stain.

Hot Tubs - Please, do NOT add anything not supplied by Abbey-Inn
(except, of course, yourself). No bubbles, No massage oils, no candle wax!
Extra cleaning WILL result in DAMAGE CHARGES.

All guests must shower before & after using a hot tub. Body products change the PH of chemicals in tubs.
Notify management immediately if tub leaks or makes strange sounds.
Please Do not leave tubs on full power. (They will overheat and shut down).
Hot tubs have weight & water displacement limits. Hot tub occupancy is limited to 400 pounds. If hot tub water is significantly displaced onto floor carpeting and rooms below, a $200 fee may be applied to your room bill for carpet/ceiling restoration. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please be aware that hot tubs add significant electrical load and sometimes flip breakers. Follow all instructions carefully and report any problems to staff as soon as noticed. Problems which occur after quiet hours will be corrected by staff in the morning.

Telephone, WiFi, TV - There are NO phones in rooms. There is free WiFi in common areas. Each room has a flat screen TV with basic DISH channels. Brown County is a rural area. Our internet and TV providers are unable to provide constant quality service. Abbey Inn can make no guarantee that there will be DISH television service 24/7 during your stay.

Candles - Please, use only tea candles & holders supplied by Abbey-Inn
Do not place on hottubs!! Do not leave candles unattended!!!

Thermostats & Controls - Please, do not change any settings without asking.
Most Rooms do not have individual controls.
Thermostats control wings of the Inn and are set for everyone's comfort.
Hot Tubs will increase the temperature and humidity in your room. Please keep cover on when not in use.

Quiet Hours - 10 p.m. UNTIL 8 a.m.
Please, consider our other guests!
No loud or disturbing noise or behavior during quiet hours.
Number of Guests occupying a property is limited to the number stated on your reservation agreement. Limits are strictly enforced.
Loud music or parties will not be tolerated.
Violators will be asked to leave. No refunds.
We encourage all guests to arrive during check in hours.
We discourage arrival after quiet hours. If you arrive later than normal please be very considerate of our other guests!

No Smoking -
All of our rooms are non-smoking!
This means ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING inside the building and smoking outside ONLY in designated smoking areas. Violators will be asked to leave. No refunds. Your credit card WILL be charged an extra room cleaning fee.

Activities - We have a pond and wildflower walk at the rear of the Inn, and, a fire pit area (S'mores). Please enjoy them. We are adjacent to Brown County State Park. The west gate is 1 mile west of Abbey-Inn. Brown County State Park offers swimming, hiking and horse back riding. It also offers romantic picnic spots with vistas that rival the Smoky Mountains.

Please remember you are coming to the woods! If you are lucky you will be greeted only by Brown County Lady Bugs upon your arrival. (We do not charge extra for the experience.) They are harmless and in fact quite beneficial to the environment. Always be aware there are some critters around that can be bothersome (ants & wood roaches) and even dangerous, including wasps, ticks, spiders & snakes.

The wood roach is a pesky problem in Brown County. It normally lives under the loose bark of dead trees, logs or stumps. They are fairly good fliers and often enter rooms when doors are left open at night. They require moisture so may be seen around our hottubs. Wood roaches do not survive indoors and the presence of wood roaches is strictly a temporary annoyance.

If you are allergic to insects or pollen be sure to bring your anithistimine. If you plan to visit the park bring bug repellant, sunscreen, etc. We cannot control Mother Nature or her critters!

Any damage to rooms, bedding, furniture, hot tubs, linens, and/or theft or extra cleaning will be BILLED to your credit card. Beds and hot tubs do have weight load limits. Customers of size must inquire prior to making reservations. Bed frames, linens & Hot Tubs are expensive...Please be careful.

Smoking in a non-smoking room or pets in a non-pet room will cause a $200.00
cleaning fee to be charged to your credit card.

Nashville Indiana Hotel Suites

*A damage hold of at least $100 is placed on the CC on record or the CC you hand to staff when you arrive. It is released after 7 days if no damage is found. Our minimum damage charge is $50 which includes the actual damage plus the extra staff time to deal with the damage.

**The fee for a chargeback is $25.00. It's a processing fee charged by the CC company to enable them to keep regular service fees at a minimum.

Nashville Indiana Hotel Suites

Lost & Found Policy:

Guests often return within an hour of check out to claim forgotten items.

Items of importance (clothing, pillow, cell phone, etc.) will be held by housekeeping for 1 week. Guests should e-mail info@abbey-inn.com to make arrangements for return via USPS COD.

Smaller, incidental items left in guest rooms (toothbrush, nail polish, etc.) will be disposed of by cleaning staff.

Brown County Indiana Hotel Suites

Abbey Inn Cancellation Policy:

Be sure to read our cancellation policy below before booking your room

We are a small lodging establishment and we have our own policies. They are not like national lodging policies, so please read them.

You may reserve your room or suite by paying in full, in advance as follows:

Online/by phone: Visa, Mastercard, Discover

In person: Credit card; cash, personal check

We strongly recommend purchasing the optional trip insurance offered by Access America during online booking for any unforeseen events requiring cancellation.


If you need to cancel a reservation :

We require a written notice (e-mail or snail mail) 10 days before the date of your stay. Please reply to your confirmation email (or include a copy in snail mail) to request cancellation.

You will receive a refund of all monies paid minus the non-refundable $25.00 processing fee.

If, for any reason, we are unable to refund your credit card on file, a company check may be issued for the refund within 7 days to the address on file.

Late cancellations and/or "no shows" are subject to the full charge of the reservation. Refunds on rooms cancelled late will be made IF all nights are re-rented, less $50.00 late cancellation processing fee.

Late cancel refunds, or after arrival refunds for any reason, will be issued by company check and mailed to you 7 business days from the date of the cancelled stay. If your reservation deposit was made by credit card, please note, our front desk staff does not refund room deposits to your credit card.

We will work with you to accommodate the need for changes in your reservation.

If you have not purchased trip insurance and have a last minute family emergency we will make every effort to re-let your rooms and/or move your reservation to a future date. Again, we recommend trip insurance.

Rescheduling of dates is subject to availability and management approval. Rescheduling is a one time option. A rescheduled date cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. We cannot offer any rescheduling options within 24 hours of a reservationís check-in date except in cases of documented emergency. Please refer to trip insurance recommendation above.

If you find a problem with your room upon arrival let us know immediately and we will fix the problem or offer you another room. YOU MUST ACT PROMPTLY.

We reserve the right to substitute similar accommodations upon unavailability of any "1st choice" room.

Please be advised that we have no control over "acts of God" such as power outages, floods, or insect invasions.

Romantic Brown County Indiana Hot Tub Suites


The Abbey Inn has free WiFi in the common areas of the Inn. In this rural location our source is ATT DSL. Rooms nearest the office are also served. It does NOT work all the time. Brown County Indiana is a rural area and utilities do not have the same "guaranteed uptime" as urban areas.

WARNING: This free Service is an open network provided for your convenience and its use is at your own risk. It is available to the general public, and is NOT INHERENTLY SECURE. The providers cannot and do not guarantee the privacy of your data and communication while using this Service.

There are potentially serious issues with any computer connected to the Internet without the appropriate security protection, ranging from viruses, worms and other programs that can damage the user's computer, to attacks on the computer by unauthorized or unwanted third parties.

By using this Service, you acknowledge and knowingly accept these potentially serious risks of accessing the Internet over an unsecured network and guarantee that you have taken all necessary steps to protect your own computer system, such as installing current anti-virus software and maintaining appropriate firewall protection on all your computer devices.

By using this Service, you acknowledge and agree that YOU DO SO SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Also, by using the Service, you agree to all terms set forth in the following Disclaimer.

Romantic Brown County Indiana Hot Tub Suites

All rates for two adults in a room (Sorry, NO children under 18)
15% hotel tax/fees will be added
All rooms are NON-SMOKING
Quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.
No phones, no pets, no children
Check in after 4 p.m. Check out by 11 a.m.

Total Price is rate plus tax & fees and will be displayed in the ReZo system before you book your room.

Remember! Non-refundable $25.00 processing fee will apply once you make a ReZovation, and, your card will be billed NOW.

Online you pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover Credit (not debit) cards.

All guests must provide a valid CREDIT CARD upon check in for a security deposit "hold" of no less than $100.00.

I do have a credit card & agree to all Abbey-Inn policies.

Check Availability and Book your Romantic Room Now

If you need to book your room by phone, please call during RESERVATION STAFF hours:

6pm - 8pm W, Th, F, S, S call 812-988-2397

Romantic Brown County Indiana Hot Tub Suites

Romantic Brown County Indiana Hot Tub Suites

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